Open Door Certification

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Where all pets have access to quality care and veterinary practices get paid for their services

Why is the Open Door Certificate Course a Great Choice?

If you want to increase your job satisfaction while enabling your practice to provide quality veterinary care for every client, this course is for you. Here is what you get when you enroll:

On demand course

Open the Doors in Your Practice

This on-demand, self-paced, online course prepares you to increase access to care in your veterinary practice, so pets get the care they need while your team gets paid for your hard work and service.

RACE credits

Continuing Education Hours

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and 10 hours RACE-approved CE credit hours which can also be applied toward CAWA and CVPM certification renewal.


Open Door Toolbox

Downloadable materials make it easy to implement the Open Door model in your practice, including sample staff training lists, inventory spreadsheets, protocols, signage, and other recommendations for best practices.

Office Hours

Private Facebook Group

You will become part of a national network of organizations working to improve access to care. Keep the conversation going within the Open Door community. Seek advice, share tips, collaborate, and stay current on all things related to improving access to veterinary care.


Mentorship Discount

Receive a discount when you dive deep with one-on-one training through Open Door Veterinary Collective's in-person mentorship program.

Facebook group

Live Office Hours

Mentees have access to live office hours quarterly for the opportunity to network with others and chat live with an Open Door professional team member about topics impacting you and your practice. Ongoing support from experienced Open Door mentors means that your team continues to benefit from increased efficiency and a greater sense of fulfillment from helping more pets and pet families.

When You Enroll in the Open Door Certificate program, you will learn about…

  • Using spectrum of care treatment plans to achieve the best possible outcomes for the family and pet in the context of limited resources or client needs.
  • Building partnerships with nonprofits, human health services, and private practices in your community for a One Health approach.
  • Offering a spectrum of payment options to help clients overcome a variety of financial barriers and increase practice revenue so they accept treatment plans.
  • Techniques to create trust with clients and successfully navigate difficult conversations, particularly around finances.
  • Practical strategies that are equitable, inclusive, and serve a diverse clientele to increase access to veterinary care.
  • Improving operational and staff efficiencies.
  • Tips for keeping staff happy and engaged.

By the end of this program, you will be able to…

  • Practice in a way that aligns with your original reasons for going into the field of animal care.
  • Know how to meet your clients where they are at. Identify options that work for your clinic and feel prepared for the difficult financial conversations.
  • Provide increased care while still getting paid for your services
  • Maximize your efficiencies and set up ways to generate more revenue.
  • Create a happier team.
  • Grow your support network with the Open Door online community

Become Open Door Certified

Complete Courses, Earn CE Hours, and Open the Doors to Access to Care in Your Practice!

What Are the Modules Like?

These innovative modules have been carefully created by a team of veterinary professionals and business experts. The course is self-paced, engaging, and designed to help you apply what you are learning as you go. Which means that you can immediately transform the way you practice to help more pets and people in a sustainable way, regardless of your position in the industry.

How the Open Door Certificate Course Works:

Complete the courses, earn CE hours, and open the doors to access to care in your practice!

  • This certificate requires the completion of 10 access to care modules. The interactive modules are designed to ensure that you apply what you learn in your practice.
  • Course completion results in a certificate of completion and 10 hours RACE-approved CE credit hours which can also be applied toward CAWA and CVPM certification renewal.

  • After you have completed the modules, pass a final examination with an 80% grade to receive an Open Door Certificate!

Open Door Certificate

Earn your Open Door Certificate and 10 CE hours (RACE approval pending) by completing this on-demand, self-paced, interactive course. Then, stay connected with the Open Door Veterinary Collective to keep growing with this business model.

Cost for the complete Open Door Certificate course is $400.

  • Payment plans and full and partial scholarships are available.
  • The enrollment fee is non-refundable.

Ready to earn your Open Door Certificate?


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