Heather Sartorelli, RVT

I was introduced to the world of animal welfare when I started working for SPCA Tampa Bay in 2000 and I fell in love right away! I loved it so much I worked there for the next 10 years working my way through different departments and positions such as Lead Surgery Tech, Staff Trainer, Medical Manager and more. Deciding it was time for a change in scenery I packed up and moved to Asheville N.C. to be closer to family and for some cooler weather. That’s when I found Humane Alliance and I found my calling in the Spay/Neuter and Training side of animal welfare. During my time there I was able to hone my skills and learn how to fine tune spay and neuter clinic services and procedures, to the point that I even developed my own position and became Manager of the Clinic Mentorship Programs. In this role I not only trained other clinic staff on site at our clinic, but frequently traveled back with them to help them incorporate their new skills at their clinic. I also trained employees I managed, worked with the programs director to update our training materials, making sure all visitors had the best training experience possible and got the opportunity to positively impact clinics throughout the US and Canada. After 8 years it was finally time to package everything I know and bring it to you on my own platform, giving me the ability to dedicate my time and effort to help clinics across North America how to be more efficient, more productive, and most of all have a larger impact progressing Animal Welfare across our corner of the world.